Joya & Lucy

Joya & Lucy are multi award winning female British filmmakers whose work has been broadcast and screened by National Geographic, Nowness, Real Stories, VICE, and has been hailed on platforms such as HUCK, Gal – Dem, Free The Bid and more.

With a flair for finding stories that bring light to fresh and underrepresented perspectives, they utilize films potential as a strong impact medium, inspiring new energy to global issues. A cohesive, humanistic approach to filmmaking, paired with striking visual expression, characterizes this duos distinctive style with common yet critical themes that intersect human’s relationship with the environment.

Joya and Lucy’s most recent commission by Real Stories has been viewed over 750,000 times online and continues to take film festival awards from around the world. The film is a powerful piece of advocacy, demanding inclusion and equality in extreme sports.

The filmmaking duo are currently developing several new projects to hybridise the documentary form, pushing the medium beyond convention.