KC Locke

KC Locke, one of Manchester’s most prolific and talked about video directors, is fast becoming one of the hottest young director’s on the UK circuit.

Known in the industry for his distinctive creative style and unique approach to visuals his skills go far beyond mere directing. He is able to confidently understand and develop the whole aesthetic of burgeoning artists leading him to be key in the rise of top artists such as IAMDDB.

KC recognises the impact and value his work adds to artists and businesses, and really works to understand an artist or brand; their story and their direction, so he can represent them authentically and unconventionally.

KC adds, “A lot of brands and businesses are safe and same-y. In the world of 24/7 social media, regardless of who you are and what you sell, how you are perceived matters and has an impact on the commerciality of a business or an artist.”

KC has only just begun and now, with a strong team behind him, nothing will stand in Mancunian’s way.