Alex Gargot

A keen sense of humour and a sensitivity for the disturbing and strange broadly define the personal style of this director of music videos, commercials and fiction raised in the outskirts of Barcelona. Having learnt illustration, animation and music in a self-taught way, he decided to focus on the discipline that offered him more artistic freedom: directing audio-visuals.

After taking a master’s degree in film directing in the Superior School of Cinema of Catalunya (ESCAC), he premiered his first short film in the official section at the Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival.

Amo, a short film where science fiction is the context for a thriller of elegant aesthetics and sinister atmospheres, was presented to a large number of film contests, achieving two awards for Best Short film in Utopiales (Nantes, France) and Fantastic Planet (Sydney, Australia) and an award for Best Direction in Piélagos en Corto (Piélagos, Spain).

Since then, Alex combines the writing of personal fiction projects with the direction of music videos and commercials, having worked for brands such as Netflix, Burger King or Just Eat.