Joe & Tim

Joe + Tim have been best friends since they were 13. Joe was bullied; Tim saved him. Not with punching, but with puns. Debbie Braybrook said she fancied Joe, but was secretly phoning Tim. Joe has never forgiven Tim (and never will) for going out with Debbie for 6 years (on and off). Our best friend James died when we were 21. We’ve never truly gotten over it. Tim graduated, Joe didn’t. Tim got married. Joe didn’t. Tim’s wife got cancer and survived. Joe didn’t get cancer and survived. Tim had two kids. Joe had two more and moved away to Leicestershire. Tim still hasn’t forgiven him (and never will).

Now you’re invested, we can tell you we take pride in finding the funny in anything. Whether it’s that time we were beaten up by the most handsome meatheads in Lancashire, or when Michael Duncker pushed us down a hill in the dark.

We do everything together, including making films that tread the line between comedy and tragedy and shine a light on the little idiosyncrasies of everyday life that make us laugh and drive us mad.

We have made films starring Martin Freeman (The Office, Sherlock, Fargo), Kerry Godliman (After Life, Run), Julian Barratt (Nathan Barley, The Mighty Boosh), Kerry Howard (Him & Her, Ted Lasso) and Sean Lock (8 Out Of 10 Cats). – screening internationally at Festival de Cannes, BFI London Film Festival LA Shorts Fest, Austin Film Festival and Raindance, amongst others.

Life is a mess, but it can be pretty funny too.