Tribal Worldwide

Hi Vics, Dave and Sisley,

Thanks for meeting with us yesterday. Please see some highlights from our directors' that we thought would suit the Tribal client list. Please feel free to get in touch with any questions.

Featured directors

Heydon Prowse

Heydon Prowse is an accomplished comedy director and writer, with interest in social/ethical matters. With over 10 years of experience in creating viral online and advertising campaigns. He is an expert at making hard-hitting topics accessible and entertaining. This could make him an interesting prospect when thinking of VW's Way to Zero and environmentally focused campaigns.

Highlighted work: Peta - Don't Be a Baby

Joakim Behrman

Joakim is a pro at taking viewers on a magical and delightful journey but with a sense of realism. He offers a distinctive and fresh approach to the “Real & Imaginary”.He's worked with global clients such as Shell, and he can make a small budget look big.

Highlighted work: Shell - Love The Car, Friskis & Svettis - Feels Like Home

Ben Falk

Ben Falk is a doc-style director who often incorporates mixed-media formats into his work in a slick and premium fashion giving it a cool, fresh & edgy look + feel. He usually works with a nimble team and is experienced working with talent, which would make him a perfect fit for VW type of human story with key talent. e.g. Ewan Mcgregor.

Highlighted work: Samsung - Jim Moir & Yinka Ilori

Tobias Pekelharing

Tobias, is a director who also used to be a DP, so not only is his work always beautiful, but it's also engaging as it features clever camera transitions and tricks. His work is always highlighted by a spark of joyful comedy as well as choreography, which could make him a good fit for any further Wren Kitchen campaign work.

Highlighted work: Toyota - A Power to Be Proud OF

Kristyna Archer

Kristyna, is like the Wes Anderson of the advertising industry she has a strong visual aesthetic and a keen eye for colour. She explores the surreal and the absurd always creating content that is playful, and quirky, which always captures the attention. Which makes her a pro at creating overall campaign looks.

Highlighted work: Uber Eats, Sanofi

Peter Lee Scott

Peter is highly experienced and engaged in creating pieces involving consistent movement and musicality. He often mixes bold colours, strong performances and slick transitions with a dash of VFX to create delightful and fast-paced projects. Pete's keen ear for great music and sound design makes him a pro at creating energetic and fun projects.

Highlighted work: Whitley Neill, Sloggi - Granny Got Pants

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