Tobias Pekelharing

Tobias career as a director, started in a fairly unorthodox way. He went into the Dutch Air Force to become a fighter pilot after school, then became a pilot with Transavia Airlines (KLM) flying Boeing 737’s for almost five years. While in the air, he picked up his old hobby of photography again and started taking pictures of his travels. That led to a renewed interest into imaging and he started to learn editing whilst on long flights. He gradually became a Director of Photography, shooting mainly TV commercials. When faced with the choice between flying planes and shooting a feature length film for TV – the film industry won and he was propelled fully into the world of directing.

To compliment the beautiful cinematic aesthetic Tobias creates in his work, he loves to be very heavily involved in the music and working with the actors to achieve authentic moments for natural performances. With a varied roster, Tobias has an ability to work across fashion, food, drama and  automotive filming.

One of his films for Moyee Coffee won Gold in creative branding at the PIAF. Another viral film for LG won at Cannes.