Joakim Behrman

Joakim Behrman found his love for film and cinema through photography. With a background as an award winning documentary photographer his visually driven craft always has a human centered storytelling at the heart. His ability to find beauty in the small things and humour in the serious has led him to work with brands such as H&M, Samsung, Unicef and IKEA, to name a few.

Joakim works hard to ensure that the project has very strong pre-production and cast he can trust so that there is scope for freedom and creativity on set. This approach helps achieve a very naturalistic, free and yet still premium and cinematic style. When shooting, he can be very ‘hands on’ but also has found some great results by just taking a step back and allowing the actors freedom. “In my world directing is just as much about creating a stage for the magic to happen, rather than controlling every single movement”.

Alongside his commercial work Joakim is also developing his narrative storytelling; working on short and feature film projects. When he is not out shooting he is most probably working on a script or making a mess together with his daughter. After having spent the bulk of his youth in London he is now based in Stockholm.